Leave a Legacy with Opera Wilmington

Your legacy gift to Opera Wilmington keeps on giving

If you believe, as we do, that generations to come should have the opportunity to enjoy opera, your legacy gift can help Opera Wilmington grow and reach ever-broader audiences and help tomorrow’s opera singers achieve their dreams.

Remembering Opera Wilmington in your will, trust, or insurance plans provides that legacy. In 2018, we will launch The Opera Wilmington Legacy Society, consisting of supporters who have made formal provision for Opera Wilmington’s future in their long-term giving plans.

A legacy gift can be made in many ways. The most common means is by a simple bequest in your will, trust, or general estate plan. Insurance plans are also an option, with Opera Wilmington as a beneficiary.

With this type of gift, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that opera – the ultimate mix of sumptuous music, dance, visual spectacle and storytelling – will be available in the Cape Fear area for many years to come. And it’s a great way to share your love of opera: investing in keeping opera local, and developing the singers that will shine for future audiences.

How to proceed with a legacy gift

Please contact us at info@operawilmington.org and we’ll be delighted to contact you with more information. You will also want to consult your financial adviser, attorney or estate specialist.

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